MADE TO ORDER // second_delivery

STAY MADE is committed to the assurance of the future of our planet, this is why we pursue a pre-order model. 
Each garment is crafted by a handful of skills craftspeople in Hells Kitchen New York. This limits over production, unsustainable production practices, and overall excessive waste. 
Payments will be processed in full at the time of purchase. Real-time updates will be communicated via email to bring insight of your garment as it goes through the intimate production process. Made-to-order items are cut-to-order, which can take 3 - 4 weeks to be crafted and delivered. 
This level of transparency holds us accountable to quality and craftsmanship that we take pride in. Your support in the practice encourages a more sustainable future in fashion. As Dieter Rams says: "Less, but better".